Your Headshot Session

At a Glance

Award winning headshot and portrait photographer based in London SE18 and Essex.
Headshot sessions from just £45 – and you only pay for the headshots you love.

Your time and money really matter. So I take getting your headshots right and offering good value very seriously.

I want every actor and professional I shoot with to be really confident about two things.

Your headshot will be more than just a great likeness. It will represent you, your personality and the roles or opportunities you’re looking for.

And your headshots are going to stand out with a character and quality that makes a great first impression and demands a second look.

I might ask you to ‘smize’ or ‘sqinch’ or throw in an ‘egyptian’ from time to time. But first and foremost I’m going to work with you and direct you to allow your individuality and character to shine through.

Which means my personal approach as professional photographer isn’t about working to a set style that I happen to like. Or pumping out headshot after headshot on a production line.

It’s about your personal goals and the images that you need to succeed.

With over 30 years of experience in the creative industry, including hundreds of casting calls and reviewing thousands of headshots, I really do understand the most important part of the whole process.


Your Headshots On The Day

Preparation is everything and you want to be sure that on the day we shoot you get the best from our time together. So it’s always best to arrive well rested, hydrated and ready to look your best.

Bring as many outfits as you like. I love options. But it’s time to whip out the old iron because I hate creases! Honestly, this really can make a huge difference to your headshots. My advice is bring the clothes that you love to wear – pieces that tell the world who you are and that you feel really comfortable in. There’s a spacious changing room with a dressing table for hair and make up.

I keep sessions relaxed and informal so if we run over time a little, it’s no problem. I want you to leave the studio feeling confident that you have everything you need. After your headshot session I’ll send you a full set of digital contact sheets through Photo Workflow so you can make you final choices before I work on your edits.

My fully equipped and spacious studio is in London, SE18. I’m just 15 minutes from the O2 Arena with bags of free parking. And it’s right on the river.


Your safety comes first so;

I’ll clean surfaces, equipment and props you’ll be in contact with before your shoot.

We can easily social distance during the shoot if you would prefer and just let me know if you’d like me to wear a face mask.

Please pop on a face mask when outside the studio and moving around the studio building.

Hand sanitiser and face masks are available for you in the studio if you need them.